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Day 8: Angle #photoadayoctober (Taken with Instagram)

Day 5: Shadow. @melanie__jane’s gorgeous doggie Shadow (and our shadows) enjoying a day out at the beach earlier this year #photoadayoctober (Taken with Instagram)

Skins 2013 Generation 1-3 mash-up casting news so far

My thoughts…



And of course EFFYYYY  is fucking amazing

I wish Tony would come back, but hopefully at least Cook’s return means we’ll still get closure on Freddie’s storyline.

Can’t wait for more casting news to start leaking through.

Freya also said somewhere she isn’t returning, sad news but her storyline ended on a happy note so I’m glad her happy ending will remain untainted.

Characters I also hope return:

Gen 1





Gen 2

This entire generation needs to return, seriously, EVERYONE

Gen 3


Mini & Alo (crossed out as Mini is confirmed as not returning and I don’t want Alo returning if she isn’t as they need to be together forever..unless he returns to give a brief update on how blissfully happy they are)

Day 30: You, then. Rocking the fashion trends haha #photoadayseptember (Taken with Instagram)

Day 24: 3 Things. The 3 things dearest to me - friends, family & my kitty #photoadayseptember (Taken with Instagram)

Day 22: Up. Pictures taken while up the top of the Giant Drop, Tower of Terror & Wild West Falls in QLD with @melanie__jane and @kristylee0802 #photoadayseptember (Taken with Instagram)

Day 15: First thing you see. It’s always nice to wake up to my kitty sleeping on the end of my bed in the mornings ❤ #photoadayseptember (Taken with Instagram)

Day 12: Together. Marcus and I together at the show 😄 #photoadayseptember (Taken with Instagram)

Day 11: Hero. My heroes, my parents ❤ #photoadayseptember (Taken with Instagram)

Day 10: Black and white. My childhood cat, Sooty (R.I.P.) and my current cat, Rocky. It was a genuine coincidence that they both turned out to be black and white but both were/are perfect for me <3 #photoadayseptember (Taken with Instagram)

Day 8: At Night. At Jamie’s hen’s night tonight with @sheri086 #photoadayseptember (Taken with Instagram)

Day 7: Natural. Flowers blooming around my back and front yard #photoadayseptember (Taken with Instagram)

Day 3: Far away. Bali, far away in distance, and also also feels so far away because I haven’t travelled in so long! #photoadayseptember (Taken with Instagram)

Day 2: Father ❤ #photoadayseptember (Taken with Instagram)

Day 1: You, Now. Out for dinner with the gang #photoadayseptember (Taken with Instagram)