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Well well well, it seems I can die happy now, I saw EMINEM live in Sydney. It was fucking amazing, let me tell you. All that I hoped for and more. So a full review is needed of the concert, naturally. I’m not some expert reviewer or anything so here’s my ramblings!

Hilltop Hoods came first. They’re a Australian hip-hop/rap artists. They’re always a good band live, but I don’t know their stuff very well so I only really got into the songs I knew.

Lil Wayne came second, I’ve always loved him but he proved himself to be better than I expected. That voice and that laugh is real, surprisingly - both in talking and singing, and he was WAY better live than I expected (somehow though you had to be there, I youtubed it afterwards and it didn’t sound as good, I’ve noticed this does happen with some artists oddly enough). My faves of his were A Milli and Lollipop, amazing to see those live. He performed his verse in Bed Rock and I almost died, I LOVE that song but wasn’t expecting it live. He totally teased us though by doing his bit in Drop the World and right where Eminem’s bit comes in he just cut the song off, waa! Haha. He was on stage with a whole heap of stripper/dancers, and did a lot of skateboarding around and looking hot, that sort of shit.

As for Eminem…

There was a long wait, and suddenly the lights went off…and it was ON.

First of all, let me say that the crowd was not at all what I expected. I shouldn’t stereotype, especially seeing as I also don’t have a ‘classic Eminem fan’ look. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I met some great people, some of the nicest people I’ve ever seen in a mosh! We made friends on the way to the concert and caught transport with them and back to the hotel, we met some people who somehow freakishly were in the exact same hotel as us RIGHT NEXT DOOR (how fucking weird is that?!), and some other really nice, funny groups.
I’ve never experienced such a great atmosphere and energy as there was in that giant stadium full of fans. Before Eminem came on there was a Mexican Wave that went around like 4-5 times, everybody in the whole audience doing it, and most importantly, I didn’t see a single person sitting in their seat the whole time! Not that I could see anyway. As he was performing people were chanting ‘take it off’ as in take your shirt off, and he obliged..ahh…

Here’s my song by song review…
Won’t Back Down - High energy song, a good choice for an opener
3am - LOVE this song but if I were to choose one song from Relapse to perform, it would definitely have been Beautiful
Square Dance - This thrilled me, a random choice but one of my album faves
W.T.P. - Not my fave, but a good song live, we gonna have a white trash party! Haha
Kill You - You don’t…wanna fuck with Shady…cause Shady…will fucking kill you! Ahh the memories of this song, awesome to hear it live!
No Love - Lil Wayne came out for this one, double the amaze.
So Bad - One of my fave songs from Recovery, awesome beat and good to hear live
Cleanin’ Out My Closet - chanting ‘fuck you mum’ and ‘fuck you debbie debbie’ just like I’ve seen in live performances on youtube just made my life complete, haha
The Way I Am - Always been one of my ultimate faves of his <3
Fast Lane (with Royce da 5’9) - The only song on the setlist I don’t know haha
Lighters (with Royce da 5’9) - Beautiful setting with this song, of course, with a sky full of everyones lighters
Airplanes Part II - Love that he did his verse in this song live, it always stood out to me
Stan - Another all time fave, up there with The Way I Am <3
Sing For The Moment - Loved singing along to this
Like Toy Soldiers - This was beautiful, so sad at the same time cause throughout the song they put pics up and ‘R.I.P. Proof’…then ‘R.I.P. Tupac, Biggie’ etc. the crowd cheered so hard, especially when Proof came on screen!
Forever - Eminem’s verse in this is one of my favourite of his verses ever. Lil Wayne is in this song too, though, so I thought he should’ve come out to do his verse as well
Space Bound - Just a gorgeous song, it takes my breath every time I hear it so times that by a thousand for it’s effect live
Til I Collapse - This one along with Square Dance were random album faves brought out for the show, yay!
Cinderella Man - Prob one of my least fave of his songs, but I do get how the beat of it and the chorus made it a good choice live
Love The Way You Lie - Perfection in a song
I Need A Doctor - When he was talking of this song, he said ‘this ones for the ladies’ which initially made me hope for Superman, but no luck..I don’t mind this one though
My Name Is/The Real Slim Shady/Without Me - Definitely one of the most fun parts of the night! “How many people in this crowd are fucked up right now?” *crowd screams* “can I take you back to a time…a time where I used to get fucked up?!” The crowd went nuts, all through these I was screaming along and dancing around like a crazy mofo!
Not Afraid - I knew this one would be great live purely because the chorus is such a good sing along with it’s double line thing eg. I’m not afraid (I’m not afraid) To take a stand (to take a stand). It didn’t disappoint.
Lose Yourself - Definitely the best closer. How can you go past arguably his biggest hit? This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo!

The other songs I wished he’d performed were…
Ass Like That
Just Lose It

He’s my favourite artist in the entire world, so I’m definitely biased, but the guy was literally FLAWLESS. It’s astonishing how he can rap/rhyme like that. Best night ever!!